The Power of the Pivot

By Amanda Lee, Executive Consultant

Regardless of our profession or industry, location, family, or any other circumstance, we have all been forced to pivot in some pretty spectacular ways recently. Pivots are always a little more exciting and easier to embrace when we choose them ourselves, but regardless of how they come about, there is always power in a pivot.

Given my passion for finance and HR, my favorite pivots are in Microsoft Excel and take the form of Pivot Tables, which beautifully demonstrate the power of all pivots – data. Data helps us to understand and improve. Each time we pivot, if we take the time to review and assess the new data available to us, we will learn and grow.

As millions of students pivoted to remote learning in 2020, many struggled. Over time, however, others thrived under new learning models. For example, shy or anxious students who would never ask a question during in-person learning and would sometimes fall behind are very comfortable privately messaging a teacher in a digital chat and are better able to keep up with the material. Studying the data surrounding the educational pivots of the past year is leading educators to consider how they can carry the "wins" from remote learning such as this one back to the physical classroom to better meet all students' needs... MORE
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