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Don’t Wear Yourself
Out to Get Rich

By Bill English, Partner

Proverbs 23.4: “Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint”.

Hmmm... Are you serious?

Turn away good customers who are ready to buy my products and services? Perhaps.

Work less even though I could make more money? I think so.

Restrain my sales team? Yep.

Think about it. Here are four, good reasons to not wear yourself out to get rich.

First, we create much needed margin when we throttle our businesses and our success. As a result, we’ll have the time for the things that really matter. Those without margin usually end up crashing in one way or another or they sacrifice so much of their personhood they become a shell of who they once were. They might even burnout. So creating margin is the first good reason to throttle yourself.

Second, when we throttle our businesses and our success, we demonstrate that we love God, our families or others more than money. Some successful business owners get a taste of wealth and they are instantly hooked. They become intoxicated. They become driven by their need for money – they love it – they love profits, wealth and riches. They love the hunt. They love the kill. They pursue what they love and no matter how much they have, they always... MORE
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