Six long-time acquaintances of Platinum Group Founder and Chairman Dean Bachelor were kind enough to share few memories, as well as what they most appreciated about him, via short video recordings that were played during a tribute event in Dean’s honor on December 2, 2021.

For those who attended but were unable to watch some or all of the videos – and for those who could not make the event – we’re providing links to them below.

Click here to watch all six of the interviews.

The following links go to the individual interviews:

Note: These videos were produced for the tribute event to be seen by those within Platinum Group’s extended circle of clients, former clients, friends and close associates. They are not to be shared with others or forwarded in any way for public viewing.

Thank you for your relationship with Dean over the years, and for the caring and support you have shared with many of us at Platinum Group over the last few months.