Take Time to Reflect, Monthly

By Bill English, Partner, Platinum Group

After talking with a CEO friend of mine this week, she thanked me for asking the questions I raised. They made her stop and think, and then explain what she accomplished last year and what’s in front of her to achieve in 2021. I didn’t ask profound questions. She was thankful for the opportunity to stop working, think, and then articulate answers. There was no time to do this last year given family health issues and extreme challenges in her business.

I think many of us have found ourselves in similar situations: the fast pace of business ownership in today’s world can become all-consuming of one’s time and leave none for thought and reflection. Yet it is at these times when it’s most important to break away, alone, as often as possible.

As business owners and leaders, we need to take time away from our companies to reflect and gain perspective. Times of reflection allow us to disconnect from the cares and schedules of our busy lives and focus on something that is important to learn about, or to reach a place where we can make quality decisions which can only be understood with quality contemplation. For most, this means getting away to a quiet place where we can slow down internally as well as externally. We slow down our minds, our emotions and our pace... MORE

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