Surprised by Abundance – and Putting it to Good Use

By Steve Coleman, Partner

As Americans change during this pandemic, being a pet owner has moved into first place ahead of having children. Why is this happening? Maybe it’s addressing an unmet need for close relationships. Maybe it’s human desire for giving and receiving love. Maybe it’s a great way to meet new people. We got a new puppy last August, and now we can say with a lasting smile that we have a friendship with every family that lives on our block-long cul-de-sac.

I believe a more compelling force of human nature at work has to do with the loss we all feel due to the pandemic. Everyone has been dealing with unrequested, uncontrollable change. For most of us, the impact has been negative, a struggle. This triggers a need for healing, small victories that restore our faith and lift our hope for another season of life that is better than what we have now. Winston Churchill said, “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” What can you win in your life today?

How about generosity? This may sound strange at first, but generosity is highly contagious. By giving, you receive even more abundantly. I’m experiencing this firsthand. It is generosity that flows naturally and spontaneously from abundance I didn’t realize I have. I’m amazed that when you give to someone, they are thankful, your heart is warmed by what you are doing, and other people who see and experience this generosity are encouraged to do the same. Being generous with one’s abundance refills, if it doesn’t add to, the abundance one is fortunate enough to have.

My broader understanding of generosity is that there’s much more to it than what people may generally think (i.e., giving to a great cause one’s money, time or both). Rather, it’s a way of life... MORE

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