REBOOT: Post-Closing Integration

Most M&A Transactions Underperform Because Merging Two Cultures Doesn’t Happen Automatically.

Re·boot [v. ree-bootn. ree-bootree-boot,] To restart a computer by loading the operating system.

Closing a merger or acquisition is the beginning of a new reality for the employees of both companies. In some cases the logistics of the transaction are dramatic: moving employees from one location to another, closing a facility, and consolidating functions are just a few examples. In other cases, the physical moves might be minimal. Regardless of the magnitude of the outward changes, however, the cultural and human components are typically factors that impact the organization in significant ways. No two cultures are alike, and merging two into one involves many critical functions that affect people in a very personal way. Employees have a strong vested interest in key cultural norms such as promotion policies, decision-making processes, managing conflict, standards for expected performance, leadership styles, and corporate values. Forced change is not an easy process and is never desirable.

Successful post-closing integration requires a forum to give employees an opportunity to interact with each other around important business issues. REBOOTTM is designed to give employees exactly that opportunity.

Based on more than 30 years of work with hundreds of companies and thousands of employees, REBOOT is unique in both its approach and in the results it creates. It is a two-day program of interactive activities and processes designed for employees to:

  • Have open dialogues about the best practices from both cultures
  • Create awareness of personal and team dynamics
  • Explore fresh ways to break down barriers and work with others to increase productivity
  • Establish or reaffirm business and personal values
  • Develop strategic action items to go forward
  • Set the stage for follow-up initiatives

Groups can be as small as 12 or as large as 75. Attendees can be the newly integrated management team, a newly created work team with participants at multiple levels, or selected groups from the two organizations based on other criteria. Participants work both individually and in teams. A wide variety of activities – from problem solving simulations to high-energy group exercises – bring participants along a path from self-awareness and interpersonal relationships to team functioning and company strategy. At every step, the objective is to first create awareness and then build skills based upon that awareness.

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