Conflict Resolution Services

When relationships are in jeopardy in a family owned or other small business, how does the owner work toward resolution? Conflicts may occur between family members, board members, leadership, key employees and during merger/acquisitions. Rather than tolerating them, consider transforming conflict into value. For more details, contact Bill English at 952-829-5700 or

  • Civil mediation services
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Conflict resolution training

The Cost of Conflict

  • Unresolved conflict costs American businesses $359B/year
  • Employees average 2.8 hours/week dealing with conflict
  • 25% say avoiding conflict resulted in sickness or work absence
  • 76% have avoided a colleague due to unresolved conflict
  • 57% of employees never receive conflict resolution training
  • 12% say their senior management is in continual conflict
  • 43% think their bosses don’t manage conflict well
  • 70% see conflict management as an important leadership skill

You have the conflicts you tolerate….and it creates significant opportunity costs

Typical scenarios for Conflict Resolution Services

  • Family/Owner Conflict: When relationships are in jeopardy due to owners working together in the same business
  • Board Conflict: Lack of clear role definitions, disagreement about strategic direction or inexperience can lead to conflict
  • Leadership Conflict: Executives who manage against each other or who have radically different leadership styles
  • Key Employee Conflict: Power struggles, personality clashes or conflicting goals can all cause persistent conflict
  • Merger/Acquisition Conflict: Merging two into a unified third culture usually results in grassroots conflict and lack of integration

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