We are passionate about your company’s future because we believe that successful businesses and a strong market economy make a positive contribution to society. It is truly meaningful work for us to help companies to achieve future success, however the business owner and leaders define it. To this end, Meaningful Capitalism is our mission because:

  • The work we do is meaningful to shareholders, investors, boards of directors, officers, employees and stakeholders of every client we serve. And we care about these people.
  • Our special knowledge and three decades of experience has saved thousands of jobs, reversed downward slides of hundreds of companies and prevented corporate and personal bankruptcies.
  • When people are in trouble, they need a friend to turn to who can understand their pain, hopelessness and frustration of not knowing what to do to help himself or herself.
  • Capitalism is the engine of economic freedom in the United States, a country based on “freedom and liberty for all” through the development and preservation of the free enterprise system.
  • Although imperfect, capitalism still provides the best way for people to hold their heads high with pride in the fruits of their labor, earning a fair wage and contributing to society.
  • The accumulation of wealth can benefit individuals and their communities in a very real way.
  • The advice and leadership that we provide may make the difference between success and failure.