Greg Backlund

“I like to work closely alongside business owners and their staff to identify manufacturing process issues and improvement strategies. Through a facilitated approach, I can help set a new direction that the improvement team can truly own, which breeds excitement and pride on reaching their business goals”.

Greg has a wealth of operations improvement experience in large and small companies alike, with a focus on applying the Theory of Constraints and Lean principles to improve manufacturing competitiveness. He likes to emphasize the people side of the business-process-technology equation for reaching goals such as increased capacity, smoother operations, reduced expenses and better customer service. Growing up in a privately held family business, Greg understands the entrepreneurial spirit and drive required to manage and grow a company. His ability to quickly assess operations, establish metrics and develop operational improvement strategies serves to reduce frustration and simplify the inherent complexity of manufacturing activities.

Focus Areas – Manufacturing Operations, Process Improvement, Lean Manufacturing

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