Robert Lehmann

“I’ve seen a lot of complicated real estate issues over the past 30 years — from both the lender’s and owner’s standpoint. My goal is to help owners and lenders to return their real estate to a performing asset in troubling situations.”

As an attorney specializing in real estate, Robert counsels companies in times of conflict, such as business downturns, market fluctuations and bankruptcies. He helps business owners reposition, update and/or finance their real estate assets. Robert offers seasoned guidance in helping owners work effectively with lenders and creditors to negotiate their real estate credit facilities and other obligations. When working with Platinum clients, he taps into his experience as a business owner, former president of a manufacturing company, his background in raising private equity and recapitalizing companies in trouble.

Robert’s interests outside of work include being with his grandchildren and golf.

Focus Areas – Business Advice (Real Estate, Platinum Ventures Forum)

Insights from Robert – Watch a video interview and learn from insights and tips for anyone dealing with property today – especially tenants and landlords.

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