Tom Hubler

“I am dedicated to helping families of wealth and family owned businesses succeed. I work with families to develop a shared vision for the family and for the business. This includes identifying individual talents, tackling any unspoken issues, and creating individual and organizational strategies to ensure a personally and financially rewarding business. My focus is to ensure family values continue to emphasize a family culture of gratitude, philanthropy and purposeful living.”

Since 1980, Tom has been addressing family owned business needs based on his background in family therapy.  Known as the “dean” of family businesses, he is a nationally recognized expert on family business challenges.  His work with hundreds of family businesses has enabled them to be driven by their values and vision rather than the often, conflicting overlap of family relationships and business systems.  He developed many of his theories on family businesses and families of wealth while studying systems and organizational development as a Bush Leadership Fellow.

Tom founded the annual Minnesota Family Business Awards in 2007.  He taught Family Business Management at the University of St. Thomas for 10 years.  Today, he writes a monthly column, called “It’s All Relative,” for Twin Cities Business magazine.  Visit Hubler for Business Families for more information and links to his articles.

Focus Areas – Business Advice (Conflict Resolution), Family Business

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