Family Business Case Study

A Platinum Group client, the Bame family of Lubetech, will be honored among several 2019 winners at the Minnesota Family Business Awards banquet on November 20. “The company is an example of how family businesses thrive due to its caring, generous and community service, guided by strong board governance and values,” says Platinum Partner Steve Coleman. “They’re doing all the right things.”

The following case study of Platinumís work with the family showcases the benefits of a succession advisory team and regular family council meetings:

Developing Third-Generation Family Leadership and Governance

Rapid growth by acquisition and consolidation was driving a profitable, family business. The third generation of family ownership — four adult siblings and three spouses — were aware of the need for significant changes, and how increasing growth might impact family... MORE

Platinum in the News

Panel to Discuss Recession-Proofing Best Practices

Are we due for another recession? It’s been 10 years since the last recession and many believe another one is coming in 12-24 months. In its anticipation, Platinum Group is hosting the next Best Practices Conference session on recession-proofing your business... MORE

Platinum in the Community

Support the Transformation of Lives in the Phillips Neighborhood

As a board member of Banyan Community, Platinum Group’s Tom Hubler is inviting friends, clients and trusted advisors to support the effort to transform lives in the Phillips Neighborhood by attending the Annual Banyan Banquet on October 27. The goal is close to Tom’s... MORE

Published by Platinum

When the Owner has a Distorted
View of Reality

What are the elements of great owners (and great leaders)? According to Platinum Group’s Bill English, great leaders understand that their thoughts and ideas are not infallible and that they have room to grow – and need to grow if their business is going to get to the next... MORE

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