Turnaround: From $1 Million Loss to $1 Million Profit in Six Months

A building component manufacturer – the industry's largest in the Upper Midwest – with seven plants and 150 employees had fallen on difficult times. Sales had eroded by 30 percent and many key managers had left due to the CEO’s leadership style. The owners, a group of private equity funds, knew the company was in trouble and called on Platinum Group, as on several previous occasions, to step in as Interim CEO. Read how Platinum restored a culture of craftsmanship... MORE


New Self-Assessment Tool Helps Owners Understand Barriers to Success

Platinum Group has added a new self-assessment tool to its web site that can help business owners to evaluate barriers that may be blocking the health and success of their organizations in three essential areas: leadership, workplace culture and unresolved conflict... MORE


Conflict Management: How Much Should You Tell Your Spouse About the Business?

By Bill English, Partner, Platinum Group

Business owners live with their businesses, 24 x 7 x 365. Their business is always in their thoughts – even if only in the back of their minds. At the end of a tough day, when they go home, they’ll often not want to re-live their day. Isn’t that time to re-focus and relax? But giving their spouse the play-by-play for their day usually is not what they... MORE


Structuring a Transaction for a Management Buyout

The owner of several manufacturers in the Twin Cities made the decision to start downsizing and chose one of his three companies to sell. Dean Bachelor of Platinum Group sits on the board of his largest company, a manufacturer of large processing equipment, and the owner asked Dean to facilitate the sale of his engineering/metal stamping business. Read how Platinum structured the transaction to sell the company to the owner’s existing management team... MORE


Business Pulse Survey

How are people planning for the fourth quarter and 2021? If you are a CEO or business owner, please share your thoughts in this Minnesota Business Pulse Survey. Findings will benefit you and other leaders to see what has worked (and what hasn’t) thus far and what adaptations they are planning in the next six months. Please take a few minutes to fill it out. We’ll be sure to send the results if you check the box at the end of the survey which closes at the end of the day, Tuesday, September 29th. Thanks for participating!

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