Insights Offered on the Success of Family Businesses

Based on a recent article by writer Jessica Thiefels — “Five Benefits of Having a Multigenerational Family Business” — Platinum’s Bill English provided his insights from his work with family owned businesses in a recent LinkedIn post.

According to Bill, the five benefits can only exist when other factors also exist, such as balancing roles, demonstrating unconditional love and acceptance, practicing forgiveness and celebrating differences between family members.

“Families are difficult in and of themselves,” Bill writes. “Toss on top of it a business and you’ll find it takes a unique family to be both successful as a family and as a business. If done right, having multiple generations working in a family business can strengthen and enhance both the family unit and the business.” Read Bill’s article.

With C-level leadership in several businesses, Bill combines his entrepreneurial experience with his extensive background in family conflict as a Minnesota Licensed Psychologist. He may be contacted at

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