Platinum Owner Transition Forum

Join our Owner Transition Forum to gain fresh perspectives from other family business owners’ experiences. These monthly breakfast roundtables offer insights and open dialog around real owner stories in a confidential setting. Contact Steve Coleman at 612-270-4327 or

Best Practices®

The Best Practices® Conference is for business owners with $5M or more in revenue. Our conference speakers have deep, real-world experience leading and growing companies. They will share what has worked for them in solving their most difficult problems in order to grow their company. We strive to ensure that you can count on learning what you came to learn — Best Practices. Each of […]

Platinum Ventures Forum

Providing the Help to Make Your Dreams Come True Starting a new business venture but unsure how to begin? Do you have questions about strategy, raising capital, supply chain, governance, management team, legal and other major issues? Platinum Ventures Forum is a weekly opportunity (Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m.) for you to present your business idea and entrepreneurial challenges to a panel of Platinum Group experts […]