Keys to Generational Transition Discussed at Owner Transition Forum

July’s Owner Transition Forum, sponsored by Platinum Group, was a shining testament of how transition goals were aligned with family and personal values, according to Platinum Partner Steve Coleman. The monthly forum, via Zoom, featured father-son presenters, Mike and Matt Norman, updating the progress of their 2011 succession — the Dale Carnegie Training franchise in the Upper Midwest.

Transition goals discussed included: keeping the company’s whole team in place; building the Norman family/Carnegie brand; ongoing support from Mike, Platinum members and other advisors; and, ongoing revenue stream for Mike and his wife.

According to Matt, “Generational transition requires lots of sustained, open communications. The COVID-19 impact has driven home the need for flexibility again in having pivot discussions with my dad. We are developing a very different business model. Early results: our franchise has benefitted from virtual selling, training and communications.”

At the end of every Owner Transition Forum, participants offer up their key take-aways, which included: family communications must come first, open communications with management about change is essential, and the health of the family over the long-term is key.

As Matt described it: “Relationship between family generations is the single highest priority.” Re-living the story and progress was a positive reaffirmation to Mike of his transition process and decisions.

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