Opportunity Assessment Offers “Big Picture” Checkup on Business Health

How Platinum helps owners to restore, enhance or realize the value of their businesses Situation More than 7,000 executives go to Mayo Clinic each year for an annual, personalized checkup. And when companies want to stay healthy, they come to Platinum Group for an Opportunity Assessment. Top-line growth, improved cash flow and greater operating efficiency are common objectives of business owners searching for ways to […]

Conflict Resolution Services

When relationships are in jeopardy in a family owned or other small business, how does the owner work toward resolution? Conflicts may occur between family members, board members, leadership, key employees and during merger/acquisitions. Rather than tolerating them, consider transforming conflict into value. For more details, contact Bill English at 952-829-5700 or Bill.English@thePlatinumGrp.com Civil mediation services Dispute resolution services Conflict resolution training The Cost of […]

REBOOT: Interactive, whole-company process for employees to help drive a new vision through change

Establish a new vision with new goals after an acquisition, downsizing, turnaround or COVID-19 closures. Re·boot [v. ree-boot; n. ree-boot, ree-boot,] To restart a computer by loading the operating system. It’s the beginning of a new reality for the employees after a merger, acquisition, downsizing, turnaround  or COVID-19 closure. Changes can be dramatic. Moving employees from one location to another, closing a facility, and consolidating functions are just a few examples. […]