Platinum Ventures Forum

Providing the Help to Make Your Dreams Come True

Starting a new business venture but unsure how to begin? Do you have questions about strategy, raising capital, supply chain, governance, management team, legal and other major issues? Platinum Ventures Forum is a weekly opportunity (Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m.) for you to present your business idea and entrepreneurial challenges to a panel of Platinum Group experts to gain understanding and clarity around how to make your dream come true. To set up a time to present your new venture to the weekly forum, contact Kevin Nieuwsma at 651-307-2781 or

The Entrepreneurial Challenge

  • 50% of all new entrepreneurial ventures fail within the first 3 years Another 25% fail within 5 years
  • Another 15% fail within 10 years
  • The number one reason they fail is lack of planning
  • The primary reason new ventures fail at planning is that the entrepreneur(s} don't know what they don't know

Typical scenarios where Platinum Ventures can help

How to Get From Here to There: You have an idea for a new business, but are not sure where to start

IP Protection: You have a product and need to protect the Intellectual Property

Governance: The business needs a board of directors and professional oversight of governance issues

Strategy: The business needs a solid go-to-market strategy

Management Team: The Venture requires a management team to take the product to market

Supply Chain: You have a prototype, but need a more comprehensive supply chain to produce larger quantities

Raising Capital: You need help in knowing how to structure and price the capital that needs to come into the business

Back Room Services: These services can provide:

  • Corporate Minute Books, resolutions, governance details
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting services
  • Legal liaison to ensure all corporate matters are handled appropriately
  • Banking/Capital Raising/Preparation of Offerings

Platinum Group

  • Four decades of experience helping entrepreneurs achieve their hopes and drea
  • More than 1500 clients over 40 years
  • Served on Boards of Directors for dozens of companies
  • Named CEO, COO, CFO or CRO of 100+ companies
  • Winner MN Business Ethics Award 2011
  • Partnered with Geek Squad, Ergotron and many others

Platinum's Process

  • Understand the problem you are attempting to resolve in the marketplace
  • Clearly understand the solution you bring to the table
  • Know and understand the market you are entering
  • Identify the team needed to take this idea to market
  • Help develop the plan to move forward
  • Provide the support services needed to accomplish the goals
  • Provide experienced management, when needed to take your venture to the next level


For more information, contact Kevin Nieuwsma at 651-307-2781 or