How can I target the right decision makers for improving my sales?”

With the economy starting to recover, many owners are uncertain where to look for new sales opportunities. The marketplace landscape has certainly changed: competitors may have gone out of business, price competition is still eroding margins, and company layoffs may have reduced sales and customer service staff. The value of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for developing and tracking a company’s go-to-market strategy is […]

My business is losing money right now. What steps should I take to save my business?

Many business owners have been facing uncertain market conditions for the last year. Their customer buying patterns have been disrupted by the uncertainty facing all of us today. Unprofitable operations, a decline in the collateral value of assets used to support bank loans and erosion of working capital from ongoing losses are leading many owners to wonder if their businesses can be sustained.


National research shows only 30 percent of family biz transitions are successful. Success improves to 80 percent when there is communication and a business transition plan. Since every business owner’s transition is different, BizBridge™ is an easy-to-use toolset to proactively create a highly tailored, individualized blueprint for each business owner’s transition. It combines Platinum’s business transition advice and proprietary tools to establish a transition roadmap […]

Liquidation Analysis tool

Sometimes a company may find itself unable to meet its obligations to lenders and vendors. Download sample Liquidation Analysis Spreadsheet

Break-Even Calculator

When business owners look at their monthly profit-and-loss statements, they may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. It’s what looms underneath— that may cause enough damage to sink the ship — six or nine months down the road. Spotting trouble ahead of time takes more than a quick review of sales, net income and cash positions. More in-depth analysis is the key to […]

5-Year Transition Guide

This Business Transitions process worksheet can be used by trusted advisors and their clients to track the progress of the transitions.