Business Transition Case Study

Creative Solutions to Overcome Ownership Transition Constraints

The owner of a Midwest distributor in the residential and commercial construction market had doubled revenue and significantly increased profits in 10 years. He wanted to sell the company and eventually retire with a strong return on investment. Yet he faced daunting... MORE

Business Advice News

Manufacturing and HR Specialists Join Platinum Group to Advise Business Owners

Platinum Group is pleased to announce that two new Executive Consultants have joined the firm: Greg Backlund and Jennifer Strom.

Greg brings 35 years of experience to Platinum in the areas of manufacturing operations, process improvement and Lean manufacturing. He emphasizes the people side of the business-process-technology equation for reaching goals such as increased capacity, smoother operations, reduced expenses and better customer service.

Jennifer helps business owners develop human resources (HR) strategies in the areas of talent, compliance, payroll technology and employee engagement. Her background includes 20 years of HR leadership with growing companies and consulting firms in hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, and professional services.

More background information and biographies may be found on the Platinum Group web site... MORE

Turnaround Business Trends

How to Spot Trouble Ahead of Time

The New Year is a good time to take a fresh look at your company’s income statement. When business owners look at their monthly profit-and-loss statements, they may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. It’s what looms underneath — that may cause enough damage to sink the ship — six or nine months down the road... MORE

Family Business Article

What It Means to Marry Into
a Family Business

When a family business negatively impacts a courtship, strongly consider how it could destroy a marriage relationship by reading a recent blog post by Platinum’s Bill English, “I Can’t Marry Into This”... MORE

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