Strategies for Getting Back to Business: Effective Leaders Learn How to Pivot Daily

By Randy Kroll, Partner

Leadership is critical during this COVID-19 inflection point. Decisions must be made quickly. Communications must happen in rapid pace. Information must be filtered hourly.

Here are three critical actions that Platinum Group suggests to help guide business and organizational leaders in these times... MORE


Weekly “One Take” Interviews Feature CEO Conversations,
Platinum Insights

Platinum Group’s Dale Kurschner has launched a weekly CEO interview program called “One Take” – a continuous, unscripted dialogue with no edits, recorded from each CEO’s home via Zoom. In each 10- to 20-minute interview, Dale asks one CEO to provide his or her take on how best to deal with the most pressing business and economic issues of the day, COVID-19... MORE


Part 2: Patience and Persistence Pay Off in Successful, Timely Transaction

In Part 1, Platinum Group had stepped into a long-time family business in map publishing to manage a turnaround during the 2008 recession. The company’s business model was sinking fast due to an outdated business model being replaced by new technology and severe cash flow crisis. Yet the company had valuable intellectual property in the form of a database. Platinum helped the founder to develop it into a new GPS-based, SaaS business model for the school district marketplace... MORE


Webinar Summary: Leadership Transition Changes During COVID-19

Platinum’s Tom Hubler recently moderated a panel discussion about changes in a succession plan between the owner and president of King Technology, a Hopkins-based manufacturer, in the midst of the current pandemic.

Key take-away advice from the family owner and non-family successor was helpful for other family businesses... MORE


Business Pulse Survey

What is COVID-19’s impact on the economy and business leaders’ decisions? If you are a CEO or business owner, please share your thoughts in this Minnesota Business Pulse Survey. Findings will benefit you and other leaders to see what has worked (and what hasn’t) thus far and what adaptations they are planning in the next six months. Please take a few minutes to fill it out. We’ll be sure to send the results if you check the box at the end of the survey which closes at the end of the day, Friday, June 12th. Thanks for participating!

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