Finding and Retaining Great Talent

Finding great talent today is more challenging than ever for a variety of reasons, including the fact that just about every industry is now experiencing this dilemma. If you’re looking for great talent—or if you’re looking for the very best place to work—watch or listen to this discussion with: Bill English, president and CEO, Accurate Home Care, Otsego, Minn.; David Magy, principal and co-founder, Abeln, […]

A Silver Lining to This Pandemic Year

By Steve Coleman, Partner We are feeling new life as green is budding out. Eagerness to hug our loved ones brings tears of joy after so long being isolated by social distancing. We are coming back together. Even with economic disruption and COVID-19 these past 12 months, we are learning new ways to live more humanely. Enduring the losses and stresses of the pandemic has […]