Competence Wins Every Time

By Bill English, Partner I always wanted to be a pro on the PGA tour. But the day came in my life, earlier rather than later, when I realized that I simply didn’t have the physical capabilities to do what the pros can do. I couldn’t hit the ball much farther than 230 yards, and in this day and age, I think 300 yards is […]

9 Warning Signs You May Need Help

By Bill English, Partner Most entrepreneurs have several characteristics. Among the more prominent is a level of confidence – some would say arrogance – that enables them to believe they can beat the odds when taking a risk to win. Most of them are pretty good at what they do: They are competent at a trade, skill, craft, or they have a novel idea that can be […]

Success Depends More on Character Than Skill

By Bill English, Partner In his book, Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality, Dr. Henry Cloud says, “there are a lot of people who are competent and good at what they do who don’t get to be leaders or ‘hugely successful’.” He goes on to write that in order for competent individuals to be successful, they must be able to build alliances […]

Don’t Wear Yourself Out to Get Rich

By Bill English, Partner Proverbs 23.4: “Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint”. Hmmm… Are you serious? Turn away good customers who are ready to buy my products and services? Perhaps. Work less even though I could make more money? I think so. Restrain my sales team? Yep. Think about it. Here are four, good reasons to not […]

Cultivating a Risk Intelligent Culture

By Bill English, Partner I was talking with a colleague this morning about common threads in businesses that need to be turned around. One we briefly discussed pertained to risk and agency cost—the ability of a key employee, owner or partner to engage in activities that are personally beneficial but hurt the organization. Such benefits can range from what they buy with company dollars and […]

CEO Inbox Observations

By Bill English, Partner Three times now, I’ve been asked to be the CEO of a company in which I have inherited the former CEO’s email inbox. In two of those situations, the CEOs were underperforming, and their email inboxes provided insight as to why. They demonstrated a lack of attention management, a concept I prefer over time management or email management. That to which […]

Hey, Let’s Meet on That!

By Bill English, Partner The advent of COVID has significantly increased the use of video conferencing technologies, such as Zoom or Teams. Before COVID, if I had four face-to-face meetings in a day at four different locations, that was a busy day for me. Today with Zoom, I can meet 7-8 people each day who are in different locations – all from the comfort of […]