New Self-Assessment Tool Helps Owners Understand Barriers to Success

Platinum Group has added a new self-assessment tool to help business owners to evaluate barriers that may be blocking the health and success of their organizations in three essential areas: leadership, workplace culture and unresolved conflict. To build a stronger business, owners need to monitor the relationship dynamics within their companies and ask themselves questions that may feel uncomfortable but could be truly holding them […]

Conflict Management: How Much Should You Tell Your Spouse About the Business?

By Bill English, Partner, Platinum Group Business owners live with their businesses, 24 x 7 x 365. Their business is always in their thoughts – even if only in the back of their minds. At the end of a tough day, when they go home, they’ll often not want to re-live their day. Isn’t that time to re-focus and relax? But giving their spouse the […]