Bill English

“I bring a unique background to small business owners as an entrepreneur and licensed psychologist with a business process improvement focus. This means restoring wholeness to business owners and value to their businesses. When businesses lose alignment, there are more than finances and operations to mend— there’s also emotional and mental stress that impacts the company’s culture and owner’s ability to lead. I enjoy guiding companies back to health while helping family owned businesses in conflict return to improved relationships and helping the owner find balance between work and business.”

Bill started a software training company in his basement that grew to $9 million in revenue and 65 employees and contractors. As owner and CEO of Mindsharp for nearly 12 years, he learned many lessons while leading the company out of soft market conditions. With C-level leadership in several businesses, Bill combines his entrepreneurial experience with his extensive background in family conflict as a Minnesota Licensed Psychologist. His expertise includes helping CEOs who are leading distressed businesses by giving them a safe place to talk about their businesses and/or lives; helping stressful executive teams work better together and resolving disputes within the business that cannot be resolved internally.

Bill’s hobbies include the art of shooting photography, golf and firearms. He is an instructor for Minnesota Permit to Carry and NRA courses. He also teaches business ethics to adult learners at Northwestern University in St. Paul. Bill is interviewed about faith in the workplace every Wednesday at 7:05 a.m. on AM900. Check out his blog for business topics, including ethics and conflict resolution.

Focus AreasConflict Resolution, Leadership Assessment and Development, Interim CEO

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